Friday, March 30, 2012

A Good Week!

Well a good week ended on a great note today when my friends at the world's best advertising agency, GS&F in Nashville, surprised me with cupcakes for my birthday.  What a treat!

Today was a fun day - I went with Eriana on her field trip to The Clay Lady where she & her classmates made & decorated a picture frame out of clay, then we watched one of the artists throw a pot on the wheel.  Really made me miss my pottery throwing days so I think I will take a class this summer.  I love how they make it look so easy.  Eriana was very affectionate during the field trip, wanting to sit by me, hold my hand - very unlike her!  Guess she needed some Mommy time because she asked if she could go to work with me from there.  So she did - and she got to partake in the cupcakes this afternoon at GS&F.  I'm sure she thinks that Mommy has cupcakes every afternoon at work.  May as well think that, huh!  Whats the harm.

My back has been hurting a lot, not sure why - doc said to take my Lortab for it so I am back on drugs!  Other than that I'm feeling good after a rough day Wednesday.  We are back at it on Tuesday with labs, an appointment with Dr Keedy & then the infusion.  And after the infusion, radiation starts.  Thats every day for the next six weeks - but it only takes a few minutes.  And the good news about radiation is that Dr Keedy is holding the Red Devil (Adriamycin) during radiation so I get one less drug.  Woohoo.

Last night was a lot of fun - the Boyds had signed up to bring us dinner.  Since Kendall was out of town, they decided they needed to actually cook it for us too.  So Bob, Nadia & their younger son Cameron came over, cooked us an amazing dinner of burgers (everybody's favorite!), homemade fries & green beans followed by Gigi's cupcakes of course.  Maybe I don't look like two-ton tessie because of the steroids, it could be the cupcakes!  Eriana entertained us with one of her signature "Shows".  It was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot & had a wonderful time.  We are so lucky to have such great friends.

Speaking of great friends, I got a chance last night to catch up with one of my oldest friends - my roommate from my freshman year at West Point.  Kirsten is amazing and incredible - she is a child psychiatrist in the Army.  I'm so proud to be her friend.  She has a couple of really fabulous sisters too.  Anyway, its good to have friends that you can pick up where you left off the last time. 

We don't have anything planned for the weekend.  We may wander to the Verizon store & look at a new phone for EB as a reward for her 3rd quarter in a row of straight A's.  Kendall comes home Saturday afternoon - yay!!

For today's photo therapy, I chose a few shots from our wonderful trip to Costa Rica in 2009.  We rented a house in Tamarindo and had one of the best trips of our lives.  It was very adventuresome and we would go back in a New York Minute!!

Aren't they beautiful?
Several restaurants we liked were right on the beach - this shot was taken after dinner one night.

Kendall & Eriana at the main Tamarindo beach at sunset.

Me & the girls in a shopping center near our house.

Surfer girls.

Kendall & EB went zip lining.

At our favorite restaurant where Kendall loved the fish tacos.  The food in Costa Rica is amazing!

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