Friday, March 16, 2012

Random musings

I'm sad that its Friday - never thought I would say that.  I wish Monday would never get here but alas it will.  Lets hope the ifosfamide & etopocide five days next week isn't as debilitating as the drugs I got last week.

Its rainy here today & my thoughts are all over the place.  Its good to be in the office still - I can't wait to get up in the morning & come to work.  Of course by 3 pm I'm worthless & exhausted but its still a good day's work.  I've been so productive - gotta love that. 

And I continue to be so moved by people who stop to see how I'm doing, who seem genuinely happy to see me here (fakers!), and who not only offer to help but actually do help us with so many things.  We are one lucky family.  Yesterday I got a very sweet letter from one of my friends in Hendersonville; it truly touched me that she took the time to write me a letter. I also had lunch yesterday with one of my very dear friends who I haven't had a chance to catch up with in a while; she asked me questions that really made me think and the conversation and company mean the world to me.  Last night we were treated to excellent chicken chili & homemade corn muffins from a colleague at work.

There are reasons for this journey.  My contacts at Vanderbilt have helped me get one of my colleagues in to see a great hematologist. He really needs the help to get into a good medical system - and it feels just absolutely amazing to be able to do something for somebody else instead of accepting the favors and help all the time.

I will have to take a photo of the wall at home where I have displayed all the cards & letters I've gotten.  Its amazing to look at it - and very encouraging.  I get cards from people I have only met a couple of times, cards from friends I haven't spoken to since high school, and hand drawn cards from the kids' friends.  I treasure every single one of them and will keep them all forever in some sort of cancer scrapbook.  I know you can turn blogs into books so I will do that too.  One day 50 years from now my kids will be fascinated to read it (or not...).

This week I created a photo book with the images Rosemary took.  I love how it turned out & cannot WAIT for the hardcopy which is supposed to arrive next Friday, my birthday.  Adorama Photo Book

Speaking of birthdays, I got a really cool box of cookies from my friend Cori yesterday.  Yummy.  And an adorable card.  

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope it CRAWLS by to be frank.  Lisa gets here Sunday so we are pretty psyched about that.  We have some stuff to plant in the garden this weekend too which is very exciting.  And a list of honey-dos.  We are actually having a grown up dinner tomorrow night with our good friends John & Julie whom we haven't seen in too long.  Julie is a cancer survivor as well and one who has shared her learnings with me in a way that has been so impactful.  And we are even going to a St Patricks Day party after dinner.  Call us crazy!  The girls are happy because they get to spend the evening with their beloved Holly.

I have some rather random pictures to post for therapy today - some may offend you - if they do just look onto the next one.  For once, I didn't take any of them!

I think this is the only potentially offensive one so we will get it out of the way first(=

Bought this plaque at HomeGoods this week.  It called out to me - truer words have never been spoken.

The girls at DinoTrek at the Nashville Zoo this morning with Payton.
The Tinkerbell picture my sweet Emilia drew for me.

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