Thursday, March 22, 2012

My wig

You know you've been waiting for it.  So here it is.  Any & all comments welcome - I will just put the derogatory ones off on Lisa & EB who helped select it!  It was a really fun process & Kim, the program coordinator here who helps, was wonderful.  She also gave me a list of all kinds of other resources so we will be busy little bees taking advantage of Pilates at Gilda's Club & Makeup seminars & who knows what else!

Guess what - some of our seeds are sprouting.  Its raining today & supposed to get rain for the next couple days so that will really get them going.  The ones we are starting indoors haven't sprouted yet - but we got a grow light on them yesterday so we're expecting big things.  The ones that sprouted outdoors are the sunflowers that Dad gave EB & Eri last summer.  Eri is going to be pretty excited about that if/when she comes home!  Soon we should see some of the peas & other things we have planted get going.  I moved the irises & daylillies out of the garden into a spot where their beautiful blooms will be more visible.
For those who are wondering, I feel pretty good this week.  Getting a good nights' sleep is so critical to how I feel the next day. 

Last night we had a delicious dinner on the grill - Jeff & Luanne brought us the best burgers & hot dogs.  And mac & cheese to die for.  And you would NOT believe these fudge easter eggs that Luanne made.  4 of them, each with our names on it.  Made us feel really special (again).  Its good to be able to eat dinner!

We may venture out tonight with all 4 girls for manis & pedis.  Eri slept over (again) at a friend's house last night so she may be too worn out to join us...  Kendall wants to take us all out for Lisa & my birthdays so we will see if we are up to that as well.  So far so good!

Hard to believe tomorrow I will celebrate my 41st birthday.  Not the place I would necessarily choose to celebrate it, but the fact that I discovered my cancer early & am kicking the treatment's butt is enough to celebrate on its own.  So celebrate we will!  I think we will bring in something special for the nurses tomorrow.  Oncology nurses have one hell of a tough job, but they do it with such positive outlooks, such great smiles, and make us feel like they are genuinely happy to be doing their jobs.  What a concept!

Here's one last photo for you of Eri & her peeps at her "schweepover" last night.  It appears that Sammie & Maiya also adore stuffed animals.  Perfect matches.  Looks like fun huh - pasta for dinner & mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.  I really hope they didn't wear Stacy out!


  1. Happy birthday, Judy!!! Just remember - I'm still older than you. :D

  2. Happy Birthday Judy! You are such an me.


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