Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me, I Mean Us!

If I knew how to play a song on my blog I would treat you all to one, but I don't.  Today is my 41st birthday & Lisa's 3?th birthday.  I'm so glad we are spending it together even if it is in a treatment room.

We had visitors today - bearing gifts!  Makes the day much more exciting.  Julie B & Amber brought beautiful scarves & caramel puff corn & lunch!  And Pam brought gorgeous flowers & gift cards & spent a long time chatting with us.  Definitely brightened the day here.
I woke up this morning to Emilia wanting me to open her gift immediately.  She & Lisa went shopping Monday & she did great - I have some really great earrings on & she got me some nice lip balm as well as a beautiful rock that says I Believe in You & a very cool little thing of nail polish remover.  Kendall gave me a gift card to Nordstrom which Emilia & I will tear up tomorrow!  Little one is withholding her gift until tonight.  She was too busy assembling the tent on her bed for her stuffed animals to deal with birthdays this morning.

The girls were with Payton this morning & this afternoon the lucky ducks are out having fun with Eri's teacher Miss Karen & her sons.  I think ice skating was on the agenda but it turned into a beautiful afternoon so maybe swimming instead.  I know they will both have a lot of fun & I really am grateful to our friends who have done so much to make their spring break enjoyable this week, despite the circumstances.

So, we're thinking about taking a little holiday over Memorial Day.  Just to get away for a bit - we are thinking about Key West, Panama City or maybe just a long peaceful weekend at Papa & Mimi's in Naples. 

Last night we celebrated our birthdays at Cheesecake Factory - yum.  Lisa, EB & I also got our nails done before that; Eriana was too tired from her sleepover with Sammie - she had to rest before dinner.  Funny.  Notice that the possum had to go with us to dinner - freaked some folks out in the restaurant.

Chemo brain is really getting on my nerves.  I'm not used to mixing up my words or not being able to say what I want or think clearly.  Its not fun at all.  Hate that part.  We also had to do some more shaving last night on the head; Dr Keedy told me my scalp might hurt & yesterday it did - just touching the spiky hair was agony so we shaved it the rest of the way off.  That was high drama in our house because Kendall did it inadvertently while EB was in the shower & she had a melt down because of that.  Anyway we got it all worked out, a few trades & bribes & life was back to normal.

Oh, my Adorama photo books came yesterday.  Love, love, love.  Highly recommend Adorama if you're into that kind of thing.  Easy to use, advanced features, quick turnaround, high quality printing & binding.  Reasonably priced.  I haven't tried their prints yet but I will next time because they are much easier to use than NationsPhoto.

We transitioned our meal schedule over to a website to make it easier all around.  If you feel like bringing us food, please check out the schedule.  Here's the website:  If that doesn't work, go to and type in Musgrove with the password jams.  You can sign up from there I believe.  Hopefully this will be less work for Rachel & Julie - it will also send you a reminder the day before.  And those dates are on there just as auto-populate. We are super flexible.  I wish the site had a way to say when we really NEED the help, but it doesn't.

I have a big BLOG surprise tomorrow so make sure you check back this weekend.  Pretty exciting.

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