Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A new beginning

I saw a woman in the grocery store recently with a scarf on her head. I felt guilty for feeling so happy it wasn't me anymore! She looked great & was buying her stuff just like everybody else. But seeing a scarf elicits something deep inside me that I really can't articulate.

Home sick today, not sure if I was trying to get the Flu or if I just let myself get too tired. Anyway slept a lot & feeling better this afternoon. Back in the saddle tomorrow because its a big day.

First day of the rest of my life. Back to Medi in the morning. Don't try to feed me sugar or carbs for a while starting tomorrow. Salads, veggies, healthy protein. I'm done with feeling like a blimp. Back to fit me! And another big milestone tomorrow - finally I have my appointment at the survivorship clinic. Not sure really what that will be all about but I'm pretty excited about it.

I made a dream board this weekend with Emilia's help - an idea I got from my brothers family. I love it. Proudly displayed in my closet where I see it every morning.

And here's a pic from this weekend after Eris party. Will post more pics from her party soon - suffice to say it was really fun!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Been a good week

Anybody who has ever worked a trade show knows the aching back, sore feet, tired face from smiling, ugly outfits, long walks, boring customer dinners... They also know the fun times with friends, shared laughs, thrill of making a deal, excitement about telling others about products you love, pride in looking at your company's booth, seeing old friends...
That has been my week here in Las Vegas at the International Builders Show. I didnt really like or appreciate trade shows until I couldn't come last year. Except for last year because of stupid cancer, I've been to every builders show since 2005. Even the one 3 weeks after Eri was born. This year was my favorite because I was so thankful to be here. My cool new job made it more fun too.
I was pleased that fat foot didn't really seem any worse than usual. I made it thru the dinners too until tonight when I ran out of gas finally & just got room service.
Ready to go home tomorrow for Eris birthday party Sunday & Emilia's last swim meet Saturday. Then back on the road again Monday!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Got my hair did!

Today Eri & I spent the day together while Kendall took Emilia to a swim meet in Chattanooga.

We had a big time. Have to confess I totally overdid it. Let's see we started at Dunkin Donuts. Then we went & got my hair done. After that we went to the mall. Eri got a new Build A Bear for her great report card. Then we shopped a bit in the mall. After that it was Chick Fil A for lunch then Costco. Then Old Navy so Eri could get some "skinny jeans" in 4 colors! After that we headed home, dropped off our goods & went to the Y to swim. I'm tired just writing about our day! After the Y we went to Target & got EB a new TV. Came home & got that up & running. That was about all I could do! Kendall & EB got home around 5.30 so we are all back together now!

My hair was a big surprise for everybody. I like it - it's a little yellower than I'd like optimally but it's fun & I am beyond thrilled to have hair to play with!!

What do you think?!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pets & Haircuts

A year ago tomorrow I had my PET scan. Wow.

Today I had my hair cut. Wow.

Life is busy & good. I'm healthy, feeling good & my new job has me running hard. I love it. Exercising a bit & starting back to Medi Weight Loss at the end of the month. I'm ready!!

I will have an exciting new look debuting this weekend. Will post pics!

Meantime sending warm hugs & happy thoughts! Life is good.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

rainy weekend!

Feels like the Pacific Northwest here in Nashville l.ately!  We saw the sun for a few minutes Friday but otherwise not much for the last week.  Weird winter weather - yesterday was 70 degrees.  Supposedly today's rain is bringing in a cold front, though.  I'm glad -

Work is busy.  I have a new/expanded job so learning the new role is keeping me busy.  Last week was our national sales meeting, which we haven't had since early in 2011.  Funny how annual events like this make me think about comparisons in time.  In early 2011, I weighed about the same I do now.  I had much longer hair.  I never wore makeup.  I had a completely different team at work.  I had a much narrower circle of friends.  I had never had cancer.  Life was pretty different but in some ways the same.

I went to the gym yesterday & did spin class for 45 minutes.  Felt good to exercise & surprisingly I'm not terribly sore today.  After my trip to Las Vegas the week of the 21st, I think I may be ready to tackle the diet again.  I'm feeling fantastic & know I would feel even better if I started to lose some weight.  Not sure yet what route I am going to take to achieve that. 

The girls are great.  Emilia was in a drama competition yesterday.  She got 21st out of 24 & I think was disappointed by that.  I was proud of her for entering & trying something new.  No matter where she places, getting up in front of strangers to read a story is a skill that will serve her well forever.  She has a couple swim meets left.  Eriana is really starting to read.  I love it.  She's hoping to play with Matt, her BFF, today.  He moved a  couple miles away & she really misses running across the street to play.  Her birthday party is coming up in 2 weeks - its a candy theme.  They are going to make candy cottages (non-seasonal gingerbread houses basically).  My living room is full of candy!  And I think if it ever dries up she wants to have a bonfire in the creek.  Kendall's mom will be here that weekend so I hope she enjoys seeing Eri and all her buddies.

The rainy weather makes me want to cook a lot.  Last weekend I made a "Yay Me" triple layer chocolate cake with  chocolate icing.  Friday I made a triple layer white cake with vanilla icing.  Have to say I think I liked the chocolate better.  I think today I am going to make chili and maybe beef stew.  Maybe some fresh bread too.  Hoping to go to the gym after work this week so its good to have some meals prepared.  Last night we had planned to go to PF Chang's but it was over an hour wait so we went to Chuy's & got seated immediately.  I could live on their chips & creamy jalapeno dip.

So, I had a major clean out of my closet last weekend.  I took 3 large trash bags full of clothes that don't fit to Goodwill.  I still have 2 large tubs of my smallest clothes up in the attic but I do have to admit its good to look in my closet & know everything in there fits.  It was very depressing to keep trying clothes on that didn't fit.  I hate that I've had to accept the new larger me but I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders.  Interestingly, the acceptance seems to have motivated me a bit to exercise & try to be wiser in my choices.  It would be fun to be a psychologist!  But, for now, I'm in a good place.

My left leg still swells a lot.  I'm still not willing to do anything about it because the options are a) full length compression stockings and b) nothing.  It surprises me that lymphadema isn't something the medical community seems to care about or want to do anything about.  Its been almost a year since my surgery - doesn't seem like the swelling is abating at all.  Oh well!  The surgery site still is sore if I push around on it - there's a lot of scar tissue.  Same with the place where my port was - it itches sometimes & hurts sometimes & has a lot of scar tissue.  Badges of honor!

I guess thats about all the news from here.  Nothing exciting which is good!!!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Life is (really damn) good!!

Look at the beautiful wine rack Kendall made for us!!  He designed & built it.  I stained it (yuck).  The building is much better than the finishing - I am not so talented when it comes to staining but all put together & full of wine it looks fantastic.
The challenge will be keeping it full of wine!

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