Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A new beginning

I saw a woman in the grocery store recently with a scarf on her head. I felt guilty for feeling so happy it wasn't me anymore! She looked great & was buying her stuff just like everybody else. But seeing a scarf elicits something deep inside me that I really can't articulate.

Home sick today, not sure if I was trying to get the Flu or if I just let myself get too tired. Anyway slept a lot & feeling better this afternoon. Back in the saddle tomorrow because its a big day.

First day of the rest of my life. Back to Medi in the morning. Don't try to feed me sugar or carbs for a while starting tomorrow. Salads, veggies, healthy protein. I'm done with feeling like a blimp. Back to fit me! And another big milestone tomorrow - finally I have my appointment at the survivorship clinic. Not sure really what that will be all about but I'm pretty excited about it.

I made a dream board this weekend with Emilia's help - an idea I got from my brothers family. I love it. Proudly displayed in my closet where I see it every morning.

And here's a pic from this weekend after Eris party. Will post more pics from her party soon - suffice to say it was really fun!

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