Thursday, January 24, 2013

Been a good week

Anybody who has ever worked a trade show knows the aching back, sore feet, tired face from smiling, ugly outfits, long walks, boring customer dinners... They also know the fun times with friends, shared laughs, thrill of making a deal, excitement about telling others about products you love, pride in looking at your company's booth, seeing old friends...
That has been my week here in Las Vegas at the International Builders Show. I didnt really like or appreciate trade shows until I couldn't come last year. Except for last year because of stupid cancer, I've been to every builders show since 2005. Even the one 3 weeks after Eri was born. This year was my favorite because I was so thankful to be here. My cool new job made it more fun too.
I was pleased that fat foot didn't really seem any worse than usual. I made it thru the dinners too until tonight when I ran out of gas finally & just got room service.
Ready to go home tomorrow for Eris birthday party Sunday & Emilia's last swim meet Saturday. Then back on the road again Monday!

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