Thursday, April 25, 2013

Over a month!

Well I guess you know my life is back to normal when I don't have time to post for a month.

The girls & I spent a great week at Dad & Maryann's house for spring break. Mike & Cara brought their two girls over so I had all four of them for the week. It was great fun except when everybody got the stomach flu. Yes all of us. Ugh. Other than that we swam, went to the beach, went on a wildlife tour, visited the house where I grew up, went shopping, EB & I dove, we rode the jet boats. Not very restful but a lot of fun.

Since that week it's been super busy here. Work is kicking my butt & I rarely have time to exercise which is very discouraging. Doing my best to eat right but not as successfully as I'd like.

Kendall & I took a lovely long weekend in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. I had to be in Seattle for work so we took advantage of that. It was a perfect long weekend. We relaxed, had massages, ate great food, drank delicious wine, saw orcas & bald eagles and explored an amazing part of our country. The girls had a good time with Payton and were happy to have us home!

Speaking of girls, they're both doing great. Hard to believe there's only a month left of school. They have a fun summer planned. 2 camps plus EB got accepted to a special program at Vanderbilt where she will stay in the dorm & study forensic chemistry for a week. Pretty cool.

The first round of seeds are sprouting in the garden. Monday starts demolition on the laundry room. And Kendall runs the marathon Saturday!

Well that's the news from here.

All well & NO health news!!!