Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Well, despite all the abnormal activity around our house, I was able (with the help of many friends and neighbors) to hold a small surprise party for Kendall last night at The Yellow Porch.  It was a beautiful evening, we were on the covered patio with delightful service and excellent food, and he was in fact surprised.  Success all around - thanks to those who helped pull it off - especially Katie Nelson who owns TYP & lives across the street from us.  I couldn't have done it without Katie making it easy for me.  Yet another of the lessons I have learned in this journey - everything does NOT have to be done by me in order for it to be right, good, and timely!

I got quite a few notes on the wig question & was inspired last night by my friend Ana to order some gorgeous silk scarves.  Will be fun to try them on.  The most common answer wasn't really an answer - it was do all of the above.  Monday Emilia & Lisa will be going to chemo with me so we will stop by & get our free wig at Vanderbilt.  They can help me pick it out which should be a hoot.

I believe I have solidified Eriana's extremely busy social calendar for spring break.  Her teacher, Miss Karen, and the parents in her class at FRA have been so amazingly kind and generous with their time next week.  She will have a fun-filled week spending time with different friends' families and even having a sleepover.  This is wonderful because it will give Emilia some grown up time with Lisa & I.  I'm not looking forward to Monday morning starting the 5 days in a row of 6+ hour days of chemo, but I am going to roll in there Monday with a big ole smile and go from there.

Our weather this week is phenomenal here - its incredible what it does for your mood when the weather is nice.  I feel amazing - always starving but amazing this week.  LOVE it.  And I'm excited to see Lisa & have her be part of our nutty household for a week.  We are scheming to come up with some way to provide products and services to cancer victims and their friends/families based on the things we have learned thru this journey.  So, at some point we will be soliciting your ideas as well as eventually your help in spreading the word about our venture.  So put on your thinking caps!

I thought for today's photo therapy I would include a few of the pictures Rosemary took of our family.  I included the pictage link yesterday so I know you can go see all of them if you want, but I also know everybody is busy & some of you may not want to look at 194 pictures of our family.  I really cannot imagine anybody who would NOT want to treat themselves to such an opportunity, but I suppose there are some out there.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Impossible not to smile looking at these!!!  If you're in the Nashville area & need a photographer, let me know & I will connect you with Rosemary.  I've worked with many photographers over the years & I believe she captured the essence of our family better than anybody else has.  Maryann said it well - its like the name of my blog - these images, the blog, our family - we are pure, real & fresh.

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