Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yes It Is Almost Done!!

All the work that could've been done this weekend has been done.  Stunning, amazing, unbelievable, you get the pictures.  Thank you to everybody who came!  I cannot even believe how many people were here this weekend. 

I won't write much because I'm pretty much past the point of exhaustion (in a good way, don't worry Dad).  But before I post the pictures, I felt like sharing this email I got this morning from my Dad.  You probably recall the earlier posts about how close my Dad & I have always been.  This email made me smile all day - so much pride in here!  I don't think he will mind me sharing it.

Congratulations on organizing such a feat!!!!  Looks like you had lots of willing and ambitious volunteers (somewhere I heard that Tennessee is a Volunteer state)..  Kendall.....looks like your thoughts and design work are coming to fruition....according to plan I hope (an old saying "plan your work and work your plan").  Holds true I think.  I would think that may be the key to a lot of successful things like even running a race. I'm proud of you all.  EB...I know you are the key to all of this. You don't have to say much just stand by and help wherever you can and keep everyone happy.  That's a very important part of any successful endeavor.  Keep an eye on the progress and make sure the pieces come together correctly.  You're the ONE!!!  And-------Momma..Your kindness, forethought and appreciation are the primary factors behind the whole project.  I know you're just itching to get out there and get your hands dirty just like you did as we established our home in Fla. Just like a horse is always wanting to prove it's worth and show you what it can do......hold the reins and keep your head.  PLEASE don't do anything to affect your physical well being.  Sometimes that's harder than just jumping in but you are always good at discipline and control.  I miss being there and doing whatever I can also and so does Mimi.  Our turn will come and maybe we can water a plant or two or help with the harvest!!!   We're so happy that you are happy and pulling together as DeBocks and Musgroves.  As you combine all you bring from family experiences as well as all the training and practice you enjoy from life you guys will suceed in accomplishing only the best.....Love you,  Dad & Mimi.

So, the reason I wanted to share this - even though Dad wrote it to Kendall, Emilia & me this morning, really it is a note to everyone who is joining us on this journey.  And it is a journey.  It is a note of encouragement, a note of pride, a note of thanks, a note of inspiration, a note of perspective, a note of life.  And guess what, this journey is all of those things too - its encouraging (& discouraging sometimes), its making all of us who are part of it proud, its making us thankful, its inspiring (I know I have been inspired more than at any other time in my life), its definitely giving us perspective, and at the end of it, it will give us all a longer, richer, more rewarding life.  I know those are some of the reasons you have each chosen to walk this journey with us.  If you have others and you would be willing to share them, I would love to see them in the comments!

Now for the pictures!  I will also post all 300 or so I took this weekend in case anybody wants to check them out.  Will attach a link tomorrow.

Beginning of the day (notice the big pile of railroad ties)

Totally forgot to get a group shot today)-=  But you can see in this image just a few of the people who were here

All the way from another life in upstate NY, Amy K & her family sent us all Moe's Burritos!  And man were they delicious after working so hard for 4 hours!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

I just like this picture - there was a huge pile of dirt in this spot 48 hours ago!  Now its just being used to burn the last evidence.  Also I love this one of Richard with his beautiful daughers.  Richard's wife, Vickie, stopped to say Hi & brought us some treats.

ALL DONE!  The open area I am shooting from will have a fence, pergola & gate - thats the next project.  Wouldn't be any fun if we didn't have something else to do.

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