Friday, March 9, 2012

Its a Bright Sunshiney Day

Pretty sure those words are in a song somewhere.  But they also describe how I feel today.  Sure, I'm exhausted.  Had to sit down after each step of getting ready this morning.  But I don't feel nauseous!  Hooray.  The bone pain from the Neulasta, white blood cell boosting shot has not kicked in yet - I feel a bit of an ache in my lower back but what pudgy middle aged woman doesn't???

The sun really is shining here in Nashville today - its a gorgeous day.  I am in the office today which I have to be honest feels amazing.  To see my friends and colleagues and do meaningful work is very empowering right now.  I love it.

We have a fantastic weekend ahead of us - so much will get done and I am just humbled to think that so many people would volunteer their precious time and resources to help us out.  I've even learned to let things go a bit and let people do stuff for us.  Not easy I assure you but very rewarding.

Today's photos are from 2009 when we had John Gentry, a fabulous local photographer, come to our home during Thanksgiving to take some portraits.  Even though almost three years old now, I still absolutely adore this collection of images.  Hope you do too!!! 

Have a happy sunshiney day!!!

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