Monday, March 19, 2012

The start of the marathon

Partway thru the first chemo session of the 5 I have this week...

We had a wonderful weekend & found ourselves wishing we could freeze time. we had a delicious dinner yesterday brought by some friends from work - truly outstanding!

And Lisa arrived which was wonderful. Eriana insisted on sleeping with her last night. All looked good with my blood work ths morning. I do have to have my left leg ultrasounded Wednesday as it is swelling & hurting quite a bit.

Tomorrow after chemo I have the simulation to get ready or radiation. Not sure what that consists of, something with a CT scanner.

My hair is starting to fall out so tonight is official head shaving night! Am I nuts that I'm looking forward to that? I am anxious to get it over with I think.

I'm really hoping the nausea from this treatment isn't as bad as the CAV. Cross your fingers for me! I had a great treat today when my friend Karla & her mom came to see me during chemo. Looks for pics tomorrow of the baldness!

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