Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Kendall!!!

I realized something random today - everybody knows pink ribbons are for breast cancer.  What a wonderful cause - there are races, walks, kitchen appliances, shoes, apparel, etc. to support breast cancer research.  But what is out there for other cancers?  Not a whole heck of a lot.  Don't get me wrong, with my family experience, I 100% support all the breast cancer causes - just makes me a little curious as to why there aren't causes for other cancers.

The question of the week is - wig, hat, scarf, doo rag or bald?  Wrestling around these options in my mind - while I wait for the inevitable hair fall out to begin.  I'll probably lean towards bald - especially when its hot out - but a cool black long wig with some colorful streaks might just suit me!  If you have a view or an opinion, let me know.

I told you I would post the link to all the pictures from the weekend.  Here they are - if you want any of the original files (they are about 7 MB each) let me know & I'll burn you a disc.  Garden Party Pics

The kids are on spring break next week.  I know Emilia is excited about that and I think Eriana is too.  We had some family photos taken a couple weeks ago by Rosemary Stanton, a wonderful local photographer.  Our Family Portraits you can check out the images she took - there are some really funny ones.  Of course Eriana was being Eriana & you will see that Rosemary captures her personality perfectly.  I will post some of the images when I have the CD but I think you will enjoy paging thru them.

As for me, I'm feeling amazing this week.  I still feel pretty tired come the end of the day & have to go home & put my feet up & chill out - but for most of the day I really feel like Judy.  Never thought I'd appreciate that feeling.  My appetite has returned with a vengeance so I'm pretty sure I have more than made up for the lack of calories last week.

The 4-layer carrot cake I made & EB decorated
Today's photo is from last night when we let Kendall have his cake & eat it too.  Its his birthday today & we decided to have cake & open presents last night because we are going "out to dinner" tonight.
Those trick candles require a lot of blowing


  1. my vote is "all of the above!" Wigs, hats, scarves, doo rags can all be fun, and you're lucky to have a beautiful face, so bald will look pretty cool, too.

  2. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Kendall. my he looks quite dashing! LOVE the hair! very distinguished looking (too bad I know the real him! ha! :-))

  3. Those pictures were WONDERFUL, Judy. I don't look at them and see a 40-year-old woman; I see the 6th-grader I looked up to (even though you're younger than I am!) and who didn't take crap from anyone, even at that age. You still give me a lot to strive for.

  4. Judy, I'm so amazed at your strength through all this. And I LOVE your pics! I haven't posted any comments so far because sometimes it's just so hard to know what to say. But your attitude is a real winner. Hang in there.


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