Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No More Hair...

Well I still have a tiny bit - we did the shave but not all the way down to the scalp.  It was quite the adventure last night with cutting hair, shaving heads, etc. 

Yesterday's treatment was long and I was pretty sick at the end, but the great nurses took care of me and gave me some IV phenergan so I actually felt decent the rest of the night.  Had some jello for dinner (I know, right?).  The day was mostly enjoyable yesterday, though, because Lisa & Emilia were here with me.  We watched The Help, gossiped & chatted and of course giggled.

We are back here today for more treatment, followed by the CT scan so it will be another long day.  The girls are having an adventure today - swimming with Payton, getting their hair cut & then spending the night with "Minnie" and her family.  Makes me happy that they are out galavanting in our amazing spring weather.  Having Lisa here this week has been a godsend, I may start a permanent guest room rotation so we always have a third set of hands around!

Handsome guy, eh?
My friends, Omar & Connie, in Florida decided that Omar was going to shave his head in support of me.  So here he is - in all his shaved glory!  Thank you Omar - we can feel the support all the way up here!  Omar was a lot more aggressive with the shaver than we were, but we will be at that point soon.

I have to say, before I post the head shaving pics, that it wasn't nearly as traumatic or dramatic as I kind of expected.  I felt happy to be in control of it and enjoyed that we did it as a family, but other than that I didn't really feel much.  We were so lucky to share the experience with Lisa & she took some great pictures!  I don't know if she felt lucky to share it with us (hah!) but I was glad she was here!

I've been more or less avoiding mirrors - but that isn't really new for me either.  Emilia & I are going to go to one of the Nordstrom make up counters this weekend & get educated on what makeup to wear - that will help I think...  Its definitely the birthday of scarves & hats - I have already received some beautiful ones.

A family affair

Even little ones can cut
Shave shave shave

Daddy's turn

Kendall gets to finish the job
My turn!
Doesn't he look handsome!

A family portrait.  Eriana is crying because she was starving, not because of the shaving!


  1. you look frickin tuff! I actually love it.

  2. I think you look gorgeous! (And now you can show off some really fun earrings. ;) )


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