Monday, March 5, 2012

Chemo Starts Tomorrow

Finally we have made it to Chemo-Eve.  Seems like its been a long time coming but when I look back, its been a little over 9 weeks since I had the needle biopsy.  Since January 1st I have had 17 doctor's appointments/procedures and 8 IVs plus who knows how many needle sticks for bloodwork.

We have labs at 8.30 in the morning, then we see Dr Keedy & chemo is scheduled to start at 10.30.  I believe this one takes about 4 hours but I expect it to be longer the first time. 

I'll post tomorrow evening all being well.  Emilia asked me today if I was excited, scared, anxious, or what?  I could only answer with Yes.  A little bit of each.  At various times its a bit more of one or the other but they net out to be pretty equal.

We had the most amazing dinner tonight of delicious Southern food from one of my colleagues and his wife.  I think all the people bringing us food are going to be responsible for my gaining back the 75 pounds I lost!  It is so kind and so generous of everybody - we are so grateful.

It appears there may be a lot of rain this weekend - if so we will let you know a rain date for the Garden Party.  There's a huge pile of ground up trees in our yard now & Kendall said they are bringing dirt on Wednesday.  Looks mildly like a construction site which warms my heart!

Tonight I'm suffering from yet another headache.  Maybe some of the Chemo pre-meds will finally knock this thing out.

Today's photo therapy is Kendall fishing in Florida in 2009.  I love the smile on his face in this picture - I think he was reeling in a hammerhead if I remember correctly (which I rarely do lately).  He looks so happy, tan, relaxed.  I love this man more than just about anything on earth (except maybe my kids).  I can't wait until we are shark fishing off Cape San Blas again. 


  1. My prayers are with you today, Judy, and with Kendall and the girls. May your strength see you through.


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