Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Not as Tough as I Thought

Remember the "Chemo is going to suck" post?  Hate to say it but I was right, it sucks.  The first night wasn't so bad, just felt nauseous.  The second day went fine - I was lucky to have Lorraine take me there & keep me company - made it much more bearable.  The second night - not so great.  I felt absolutely awful last night even though I was taking 3 anti-emitics.  The drugs are just so strong.

Today, happily, is better.  The nausea is under control but the anti-emitics make me very tired.  Luckily its a yucky day here today so its a good day to sit in the recliner with my blankie (thanks Steph!) and work.  I had to go into the hospital today for the Neulasta shot which helps boost the white blood cells.  Back of the arm - great place to get a shot.  Unfortunately they were cooking Chinese for lunch at the hospital like they do everyday - not sure I can ever eat Chinese again.

My favorite food today is mango-passionfruit-peach sorbet.  I managed to eat some frosted mini wheats for breakfast too.  Maybe my pants won't be tight anymore!  So, all that to say I thought I was tougher than the drugs.  Alas, I am not!

However, my outlook is still good.  The girls are being super sweet and Kendall is marvelous.  And I don't have to go back to the doctor or hospital until March 19th!  Thats like 11 days doctor-free.  I'm not sure how I will feel during these 11 days but hopefully better each day until I get knocked down again on the 19th.

Kendall's birthday is Tuesday & I am ashamed to say I have planned nothing.  Emilia & I need to collaborate on that & see what we can pull together.  And then my dear dear friend Lisa is coming on the 18th so that is absolutely something to look forward to!

We continue to have delicious and amazing meals cooked by our friends with love.  That has been a true blessing this week as I have not been able to cook - truthfully I haven't even been able to look at or smell food but the girls & Kendall have told me how delicious things are!

We're excited for our work parties on Saturday and/or Sunday this weekend.  Looking forward to seeing a lot of our friends & getting a lot done too.  We truly have amazing friends.  Amy K, one of my dear friends in upstate NY, is sending us Moe's catered on Sunday for our workers to eat.  How thoughtful - she can't be here in person and still is participating in helping us out.  I continue to have my breath taken away by the thoughtfulness and generosity of my friends.  Another great friend, Pam, has offered to bring KFC on Saturday.  And Kim, thank you SO much for taking care of the Costco run.  I just could not handle that right now!  All of you are amazing.

Today's photo therapy reminds me of a very different (for us) but very fun spring break trip we took to Colorado a couple years ago.  We stayed at our friends condo in Keystone (thanks Mike & Linda!); EB took snowboard lessons & Eri went to ski school.  I, of course, did not ski - I went to the spa and shopping.  Kendall had a blast skiing the big Colorado mountains.  It was a lot of fun - largely because we don't often do cold weather trips. 

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  1. Yet you are so much tougher than you can see. I am enjoying reading your posts and hope you continue to feel better each day until the next treatment.


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