Thursday, March 1, 2012

We need help!

I have been so touched by everyone offering to help us! We have a project (manual labor so guys take note!) that we need help with. My friend Mark shared a NY Times article with me about a family with cancer in NY who actually developed online sign up sheets for what they needed. I'm not that technically sophisticated so I will just ask! Kendall & I started last fall building a huge garden. It will have shrubs around the outsides & the inside will be planting beds as well as raised beds. Of course when we started we didn't have a clue I would be debilitated this spring & summer. I have always wanted a big garden because I have such fond memories of working in the garden with my mom. Anyway Judy's Garden is a work in progress. The fence is up, the ground is tilled, the plants are ordered, the beds are built, the Railroad ties are delivered. Next week I think the dirt & mulch will be here. But now I can't help Kendall put it all together & he can't do it solo. So we were hoping some of you might have some free time NEXT SUNDAY March 11th in the afternoon to help him. Let us know if you want to volunteer. I have no clue what condition I will be in after the first few doses of chemo but anybody who doesn't want to do manual labor is welcome to stop by... So put it on your calendar, let us know if you want to come! We will figure out a way to feed our helpers. I will see if I can't talk Kendall into posting about what specifically needs to be done! As for me I'm ok. Tired after almost a whole day at work & still in a lot of pain. Otherwise all is well!

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