Monday, April 2, 2012

Fat Leg!

Yep its swollen alright - looks like a fake leg - kind of grotesque really.  They think the swelling is due to the fact that there are no lymph nodes to drain my left leg, but I will be getting another Doppler this afternoon just to be sure there are no clots.  Its mildly painful - just because the skin is so tight really and it hurts to bend my ankle.  I have what I call "Old Lady Toes" where the nails look really tiny because the toes are so fat.  Very attractive, good thing I'm already married.

Speaking of attractive, the rest of my hair fell out this weekend.  I'm pretty much bald as can be now. Still a few patches to fall out here & there but it no longer looks like I just buzzed my hair short.  Ah well, another step in the journey.

It was a beautiful weekend here.  The girls & I went to Opry Mills Saturday morning - glad we went early because by the time we left it was claustrophia-crowded.  Pretty much the same place it was before but obviously has had a facelift & there are a few new stores.  I just love watching Eri pick out & try on clothes.  Its the funniest thing. 

Emilia's is on the left, mine is on the right.
Saturday night EB & I went to Paint Along Nashville in Brentwood.  We haven't done that for a long time & it was a very fun evening.  Once again our two paintings are so different!

Yesterday Kendall took the girls & the dogs to the dog park & then we hung out, worked in the garden (yes I still need to take some photos of it!), had a great dinner on the grill.

Don't these make you happy???
We also made Easter cookies yesterday.  It was a lot of fun & both girls got into the decorating - here is our finished collection (minus the ones that got eaten along the way).  I will just say the bunnies are hard.  The suns, eggs & butterflies are a lot easier.

Inspector Rabbit.
This cookie made us all laugh - my first attempt at an Easter bunny didn't really turn out like an Easter bunny so we dolled him up to look like Inspector Gadget.

Dinner tonight is Enchiladas home made by Ashley - I have to say everyone is pretty excited about that!

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