Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo Therapy -- going back 41 years!!

been a long time since i've posted any photo therapy.  as i sit here balancing the checking account, i'm trying not to think about tomorrow.  while in some sick ways i'm looking forward to it - because it is the last time and because we have come so far, i still get that nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking about chemo.  one of my nurses told me she saw an ex-patient in the mall a year or two after their treatment & the patient ran to the trash can & vomited just at the sight of the nurse. yes, it is that powerful the associations we have with things, places and people!

so with some happy thoughts i figured i would include some photo therapy today...  i have been in a reminiscing mood this afternoon so i went back thru some old pictures.  i thought you might enjoy seeing a walk down memory lane.  i got sick of trying to get blogger to keep them in order, so they aren't!  sorry about that!

Kendall & I at his West Point Ring Weekend Formal in 1993.

Same weekend in 1993 - we are in LUV!

Soo Lee Davis (she's now a LTC Battalion Commander in the army!), me & a doctor named Mary with whom I've lost touch at our officer basic training in San Antonio in 1993.  Fun times.

Kendall's ranger school graduation in 1995.  I was so proud!

This is Kendall putting an engagement ring on my finger in 1995.

Our official engagement photo, 1995.  This picture was on my mom's kitchen windowsill until she died - it was one of her favorites.

My dad, me & my brother in 1995.

Kendall & I in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor on vacation in 1995/6.

Hilarious.  My promotion to First Lieutenant when I was at Walter Reed AMC in 1995.  My dad, my mom, me & my very first boss, COL Wong.

Me & my momma at my brother's commissioning ceremony at West Point in 1996.

Mom & my brother at his graduation, West Point 1996.

Kendall & I at a Christmas party at Fort Hood, 1996.

Bad add 1LT DeBock at Fort Hood in 1996.

I love this picture from the night before our wedding rehearsal dinner.  Its taken in front of the fireplace in my parents' house.  My dad, Kendall's dad Frank, Kendall's mom Janice, me, my mom & Kendall - happy days!!  Feb 1997.

Yikes - Mom & I looking at a freakin' huge alligator in their pond around 1998.

The 3 most important men in my life - Kendall, my brother & my dad at Mike's wedding in July 1999.

Aw, baby Judy - 3 months old with my Dad.

Most of my infant pictures have Kris, our beloved weimeraner in them.  He must have been at my side the entire time I was a kid!!!  I was about 6 months old here.

Probably around 1973 when I was about 2 - yes Kris is still by my side.

About 3 years old.  Finally I had some hair.

Helping my mom cook at age 3.  I loved to bake even back then!

School pic from around 1984 - about 13 years old.

Mom & I at the LA Farmer's Market in 1984 when we went to the Olympics.

LOVE this picture - me riding my thoroughbred, Sultan Chocolate Chip, in about 1985.

This was my first horse, Cat Dancer, and I winning a blue ribbon for jumping in about 1982 - I was probably 11 years old.

My brother & I at my folks' house, circa 1986.

My brief foray into beauty pageants. Didn't last long.  This was in 1986 - 15 years old.

My 16th birthday, March 1987 with my Mom & my Dad.

Our school trip to Washington DC - me & 2 classmates with then Senator Bob Graham.

High school graduation, 1988.

"Beast barracks" (the first summer at West Point).  1988.

Summer of 1991 in Alabama with a couple of my classmates.

Plebe (freshman) year at West Point.  1989.

With my Mom at Ring Weekend, in the fall of 1992.

Me & my brother, 1992.

Me & my best buddy Corina McFadden at West Point our senior year, 1993.

My dad, me & my Mom at the Superintendent's Reception at West Point Graduation weekend May 1993.
My brother, me & Kendall at West Point that same graduation weekend, May 1993.

 good night, i've got to get a good night's rest so that i can start my very LAST chemo week tomorrow!!!

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  1. Judy, that was an AWESOME walk down memory lane! I remember your mom from back then and I remember that pool, the pond, and Cat Dancer, too. I didn't spend much time at your house, but what I did is pretty much indelibly printed in my mind. I have a goofy, nostalgic smile on my face.

    I am so happy that you are nearing the end of this journey, and that you've let me be a peripheral part of it. Thank you for sharing it, Judy. My prayers are with you as you embark on the beginning of the end.

  2. Congratulations Judy - you have traveled a long, arduous, and noble road - thanks for sharing your thoughts and memories.


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