Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Mile - Uphill the whole way!!

Yesterday I had a major accomplishment - I walked a whole mile!  Yes, yes, yes.  I know it seems silly to celebrate one simple mile, but I am.  I could barely make it half a mile 2 weeks ago.  And I did it in 20 minutes which was pretty exciting to me considering it was (relatively speaking) hilly.  The course I have been walking has been totally flat so this felt like big mountains to me.

My left leg is very swollen today as a result & my knee is hurting a bit but nothing I can't live with.  Couple more mile walks & I can sign back up for the YMCA.  Hooray.

We have received a lot of sweet notes and comments about Cedar's passing.  We appreciate each & every one.  Our neighbors gave us a book called Dog Heaven that we read last night together.  We are getting thru it as a family.  Meanwhile Jessie is in loving her "soft" new life - this is her last night.  We have managed, so far, to keep the notion of getting a new puppy off the table.  Althought I will admit to looking online for adoptable Weimeraners or Standard Poodles.  We aren't ready to add another animal to the mix just yet.  One step at a time!

Today is Emilia's last cross country meet of the season - she is very happy its over & swears she won't run next year.  But she said the same last fall!  Next up will be swimming which starts in October sometime. 

This weekend is the big party!  We are excited to see all our friends and celebrate all the help & support we've received during this journey!  Remember Sunday 2-5 - we hope to see you - the weather is forecasted to be gorgeous - partly sunny & mid 70s!!  If you have a lawn chair, bring it.
  • We will be barbequeing ribs & hot dogs
  • Ann & Bill will be making jambalaya
  • Julie & Christine are bringing delicious sweets
  • I hear the Titans Cheerleaders may even be there
  • We'll have plenty of beverages thanks to our friend Jeff L
  • We will have live music from Alyssa  Bonagura of Make My Own Sunshine fame (the song on the Lowe's commercial where they roll out the carpet of flowers) sponsored by the "boys" at work
  • I think there may be a plethora of Amber's special pink NO MO CHEMO balloons too...
  • A huge jumpy house will be there - for the grown ups & the kids
  • Emilia has developed a chemo game for people to play too


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