Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pictures from the last day of chemo

Wanted to share the pictures from last Friday!!

Kendall & I in the "Chemo Room".  Have you any idea how much I hope I never ever sit in one of those recliners again?

The EMPTY!!! last bag of chemo

Cookies, party invitations & goodie bags for the Infusion Center staff

Some of the spread that the girls put together for the nurses.  There was also Julie's Evil Addictive Popcorn but it cannot be photographed!

My & my peeps - Lorraine & Amber - would not have made it thru this without these 2.

And without Julie B.  One of the most amazing friends and moms I know.

Lorraine, me & Jennifer (who spent Friday with me on the last day! - another great friend) being silly with the cookies.

The people who made it happen.  Kelly (a patient care tech), Chrissy (the nurse who found out she was pregnant just when I started chemo & who is naming her baby girl Amelia!), Lindsey (one of the funnest nurses), Mark (who was the first to tell me I have a nice shaped head!!), Alicia (a nurse I have had a lot who lost her mom early in life - a very special person), & right now chemo brain is not allowing me to remember the last girl but she is a nurse who I also had a lot & who is very funny & sarcastic

One of life's true heroines, Dr Vicki Keedy.  Seems silly to say I owe her my life, but truly I do.  She is an amazing physician and an amazing person for whom I have immense respect; she has guided us thru this hell with compassion, professionalism, and intelligence.  I am looking forward to a friendship with her now that I'm not a chemo patient anymore.  She will be my doctor for the rest of my life, as long as she doesn't go anywhere!!

Now for my collection of floral beauties!!
The gorgeous roses in Redneck Wine Glass Vases that the girls put together for Friday's party.

My favorite flower is the hydrangea - Leigh Marie brought me these last week & I thought they look so stereotypically Southern on our porch.

My amazing neighbors gave me this beautiful bouquet of bright pink roses & a mani/pedi gift card & a sweet card on Saturday morning.

Kendall's work sent these yesterday. The card is very meaningful & they have been just as supportive and wonderful as LP.

My mom's favorite flower was the bird of paradise so my brother & his family sent this stunning bouquet on Saturday.

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