Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 more treatments!

Yep 2 down, 3 to go this week. It's a grind for sure but the end is near. It's helped a ton to have friends with me this week. Yesterday Bob (my work husband) came & so did my friend Angie which was wonderful. We chatted and laughed and time went pretty fast.

Last night I felt a little better than
Monday night. I Ate a little dinner & stayed up til almost 8!! Hoping for a repeat of that today. I can tell my blood counts are starting to drop already though. I wouldn't be surprised if Dr Keedy makes me get one last transfusion next week. They also think I have yet another asymptomatic UTi so I will probably get more antibiotics. Feels like I've been on them non stop!

I'm getting chauffeured to chemo today by Roger. What a treat! Hope it goes fast again.

I will keep you updated! Hump day baby!

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