Friday, September 7, 2012

Yes it has ended

Chemo is over!  I'm no longer a cancer patient!  It ended in glorious style with a great party for the nurses organized by Amber & Julie & supported by several others. And the nurses gave me a shirt that says "infused with hope" that they all signed. Pictures next week I promise. For now we are going to relax & take a few deep breaths.

Remember where it started?  The PET scanner!

I received some very sage advice today that my mind thinks its all done but my body will need a couple weeks to recover just like any chemo round. It doesn't know it's done!  So I will try to keep that in mind & not expect to be back to normal on Monday!  Or back to spin class on Tuesday!  You guys did a good job remaining me to take it easy recently.  may need a few more of those reminders over the next several weeks.   Part of me is expecting the recovery to be the most difficult phase of the process because I am so impatient.

Tomorrow I have to go get my final neulasta shot, Sunday I get my MRI, Monday I have a mammogram & chest CT.  Then nothing until I see Dr Keedy on Thursday.  That will be a lab check, talk about the scan results, discuss port removal & answer our questions about returning to a normal routine. Depending on the labs, I suspect one last transfusion may be ordered. We will see.

As soon as I don't feel pickled I'm going back on my vitamins, hoping they will make my hair gow faster!  And next week I promise to mail out the "official" invites for 9.30's NoMoChemo party. You're all invited even if i never get the invites mailed!  let me know if You're planning to come. We rented a huge 4 in 1 jumpy house for the parents & Kendall is getting kegs for the kids. We will have barbeque catered too - ribs, dogs & burgers.

Thanks for asking about my dad. Seems the infection is getting under control, which is excellent news!  And they are still working in the metallic taste.  Kendall spoke with him today & my brother has done a great Job relaying Information. I'm looking forward to talking to him this weekend.

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Ps yes I know the kegs are for the parents(-:

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  1. WOOO HOO! Congratulations! Happy recovery and please keep writing!


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