Sunday, September 16, 2012


So, Kendall, EB & I went to Nordstrom yesterday & we bought an "I Beat Cancer's Ass Watch".  Its so incredible - I'm totally in love with it!!!  I'm a watch sucker anyway - a bad habit I picked up from my husband!  I wanted something with a leather band & we all totally fell in love with this silver snakeskin band.  Almost makes all those hours in the chemo room worth it.

Maryann also sent me this amazing tanzanite ring.  I just have to include a picture of it too.  The color is stunning - I cannot wait to wear it.  Right now I just keep opening the box & looking at it in amazement.

More good news, my dad has finally gotten to the bottom of all his health challenges & should be headed home from the hospital today or tomorrow.  I think he's been in there for 2 weeks & he has had several procedures in that timeframe.  If you are inclined to prayer, please pray for him to have a safe & uneventful homecoming, for him to heal fast & for him not to wear Maryann out!!

Hugs & kisses from all of us.

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