Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 more left

Yesterday went quickly & it was great to have Christine there to keep me company. I felt pretty crappy last night, me & my Ativan were in bed by 6.30! I did sleep well though so this morning I'm better - even made breakfast for the family & ate a bagel!

My heart is heavy this morning. My dad is in the hospital down in Naples. He hasn't been feeling well for some time & has an infection in his toe that is evidently spreading. As a diabetic it's hard For him to heal in his extremities. So he & Maryann will meet with the doctors today I think & decide what needs to be done. I'd ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers please. It's very hard for me, frankly, right now to reach out & be involved in his care & decisions. I feel like I have all I can handle (maybe even a tad more) on my hands here. Even though treatments are ending I still need to survive 4 more brutal etopocide & ifosfamide treatments, get thru scans next week, recover from this treatment & then get back on a track to fitness. So as selfish as this may be, I have my hands full. Fortunately my brother & Maryann are wonderful at keeping me up to speed & I know my Dad knows how much I love him!

I will post another update soon. Thanks for caring so much. We wouldn't have made it this far without the village around us! Don't forget to mark September 30 on your calendars to celebrate with us!!!

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