Friday, September 21, 2012

For Wanda!

This post is for my friend Wanda & her team at the Doubletree Starbucks!  Thanks for always having a smile, a genuine concern for how i'm doing, and a nice big cold iced coffee for me.  You guys make me happy every day! 

Today is Emilia's twelfth birthday.  Seems impossible that 12 years ago we got our first little bundle of joy, but it has been an amazing 12 years.  I told her this morning that she is an awesome human being.  She is smart, beautiful, athletic, caring, loving - everything a parent could ask for and more.  She does LOVE to pick on her little sister but she wouldn't be human if she didn't.  I'm excited to give her SCUBA lessons for her birthday - something we will do together - just her & I.  She's having some friends sleep over tonight - they are going to the movies alone for the first time.  Will post pics this weekend of her little party.

I'm doing fine - I think I may have gotten my skin glue wet this morning & its flaking off a bit - oops.  I think my counts are very slowly recovering but still it pretty much wears me out to get thru the day.  Time is a great healer.  We should have a nice relaxing weekend so that will help too - its been a busy week.

Hope everybody enjoys a great weekend - enjoying the early fall weather we are starting to have here.  Especially Wanda & her team!!!

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