Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wow, what a party!!!

Sorry, everybody, for the delay in this post.  Been sort of a crazy week here so I'm just now getting to write about the party! 

It was amazing.  I think we had between 110-150 people including kids.  The jumpy house was hugely popular of course.  I won't endeavor to thank everybody here individually because I don't want to miss anybody.  I will say, I had a huge surprise Friday afternoon when Amber delivered one of my dearest friends to my doorstep.  Lisa made the trip from Colorado to be here for the event, which made it that much more special.  And to think they pulled off a surprise - clearly they took advantage of chemo brain!

Here are some pics.

The "pre-party" - blowing up 200 balloons

There were balloons everywhere - they looked amazing

Me & Eri in the jumpy house

Ann & Bill making jambalaya

The Harris' jambalaya - huge hit!!

Don't tell the party rental people that Jessie enjoyed the jumpy house, even the slide inside it

The jumpy house

Lisa & I

Kendall didn't hesitate to greet the Titans cheerleaders

Kyra, Emilia & Mindy with the cheerleaders

Angie brought these beautiful fabric hearts which she helped people make then hung them in the tree.  I'm planning to hang them in my laundry room - they are gorgeous

Angie's craft station in the garage was really popular!

I'm feeling better every day.  Struggling to eat healthy again, it will take time I know.  On a trip for work in the Keys which is hot but beautiful.  More soon, hope everybody is well.

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