Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Normal" life

Have to admit, I think I forgot how wonderful normal life is.  Doing the things everybody else does, not planning my life around when is the next chemo or avoiding activity because my counts are so low.  Pretty cool!

I'm in Las Vegas this week for a builder meeting I go to every year.  This afternoon was spa or golf.  No brainer choice there although I do have to admit that the 85 degrees & sunshine kind of made me want to go ride the cart around the course.  We are staying at Aria - if you haven't stayed here, I would recommend it. Brand new, high tech, good food, awesome beds, cool views.

I am one high rolling gambler.  I wagered $20 on slots yesterday - when I got up to $41.25 I cashed out.  I know, big risk taker right.  But I'm happy with my >200% return!

Tomorrow I head to Denver to meet Lisa & Lorraine for our 3 1/2 day "Cancer Free Colorado Celebration".  Pretty excited about doing nothing special, sightseeing, touring, shopping, and laughing with 2 of the greatest friends a girl could have.  Our wonderful friend Angie made this logo to commemorate our trip - it makes me smile to look at it.

Lets see, what else to report.  I have eyebrows!  In fact when I get home I need to get them waxed -they are growing a little crazy.  And I have itty bitty eyelashes.  Julie gave me the tip that the Maybelline mascara in the yellow tube will stick to itty bitty eyelashes - and guess what it does.  Awesome.  My hair is growing too - although its really fair & you can't see it, you can certainly feel it.  I'm still wearing scarves but I tell you I am about over that - very soon I will ditch them for good.  I feel wonderful.  My energy level is returning & aside from the weight I gained, I really don't have any lingering side effects from the chemo.

I do still have the constant cancer reminder of "fat foot" - my left leg still swells considerably - not just the foot but the whole leg.  I'm continuing to ignore it.  I've been walking quite a bit - up to about 2 miles I think.  I get pretty sore from my new activity level but I've been getting massages often which makes an amazing difference.  When I get home from this trip, I will be returning to the gym.  I'm thinking about doing pilates & maybe starting back to spin class.  And maybe in a month or so starting back with my trainer.

About the only "not good" news I have to report is my weight and eating.  I was back on track, did very well for a week but didn't lose any weight so I got kind of discouraged.  I'm considering this weekend a celebration and will be back on the wagon on Monday.  Clearly my body is still pretty mixed up so its going to be a long haul losing the chemo weight.  But I will do it!!

Kendall's a champ at home this week with the girls by himself.  Last night I was reflecting on how incredibly lucky I am.  Take out the whole cancer & having a new lease on life part.  I have the most amazing husband; as a little girl I dreamed about having a loving relationship with a wonderful man - and Kendall exceeds any of those dreams.  I have 2 wonderful kids - Emilia was recognized at school today for being on Heads List - no grade below a 90 & an average above 95 in the first quarter.  I have a great job where I work with and for some pretty incredible, caring people and have more fun that should be allowed.  I have a super family - my brother & his family, dad, step mom are all awesome.  And I have the world's best friends; I've always enjoyed reading books about grown women and their friendships - now I feel like I could write one. 

So when people look at me in public with that sympathy look (the "You poor thing, you have cancer & no hair" look), I want to shout to the mountaintops - "NO NOT POOR ME.  LUCKY ME"
So there - sympathy lookers.  Stuff it.  (-:  I'm luckier and happier than I've ever been in my life.

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