Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back in action!

Seems like an understatement at this point.  I came roaring back from Colorado & haven't sat down since.  And it feels so good - even though my muscles and joints ache, it truly does feel so good to be active!!

Yesterday evening I went to spin class.  Yes, you read that correctly - spin class.  I didn't make the entire class but I did make 42 minutes & burned 400 calories.  I didn't have the resistance as high as some of the others did I'm sure & I skipped stuff like jumps, but I DID IT!  Wow, talk about a victorious feeling.  Six weeks & 3 days after my last chemo treatment. 40 weeks & 3 days after my surgery.

Today I took the day off with the kiddos since it was the last day of their fall break.  It doesn't feel like fall much here - it was in the 80s today.  Our plan was to load up our 3 bikes & go on the Shelby Bottoms Greenway.  Murphy was alive & well - my bike had 2 flat tires - not the kind that can be fixed by pumping them up either.  So, undaunted, we headed to the Greenway with 2 bikes.  We spent some time trying to get Eri to ride without training wheels - to no avail.  I tried to borrow one of the Green Bikes they have at various spots around Nashville but they were all in use.  So, again, undaunted, EB & Eri headed off on the Greenway on their bikes & I walked. 

I missed being with them but it was such a glorious day, I shrugged it off.  When we finished the bike/walk, we played on the playground for a bit then went to The Pharmacy for lunch.  Followed that with some shopping, came home for a  bit & then EB & I went to Pilates.  Yes, you read that correctly too - Pilates.  Our first time ever - I have to say it was relaxing & enjoyable but difficult.  I will be sore tomorrow but thats a good thing!  My fat leg & messed up knee added to the challenge but I still made it thru the whole 60 minute class.  Pretty proud of that.

I made the world's worst mongolian beef in the crock pot for dinner.  The only person who would even eat it was Kendall - the rest of us kind of cobbled together a dinner of ham & cheese & leftovers.  Epic FAIL on the cooking front - must be out of practice.

Tomorrow is back to the routine - work for us, school for the kids. I'm nearly done with my scrapbook from Colorado so I will post that soon here for you to check out.  Meantime I'm going to try to keep working out & eating healthy & enjoying life!!

And yes, I know I need to take it easy & not overdo it.  I promise all of you I will do my best!!!

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