Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Fun Few Days....

Its fall in Tennessee!  Love the cooler weather - anytime I can wear a sweatshirt its a good thing.  I can tell my blood counts are improving slowly & each week that goes by I get stronger.

This week I got to go to the Keys for work.  I know its a tough job but somebody has to do it.  This picture on Wednesday morning made me so thankful for everything - to get to witness sunrises like this is something I used to take for granted.  Not anymore.  Now sites likes this make me thankful to be alive.  Thankful for the people who have helped me survive the last 9 months.  And thankful for modern medicine.

Saturday night was Emilia's first "dance" at school - although they called it a "social."  She had fun but said it was very hot in the dance!  A couple friends came over before the dance & they got ready together.  I took the 3 of them to TJ Maxx - they were cracking me up trying on all the stiletto heels & totally cutting up.  The Brentwood women were scowling but it made me laugh.  At one point Lexi was wheeling Emilia around inside a suitcase.  Good fun.  Its fun to see Emilia loosen up when she's around her friends.

Friday was Eriana's first Field Day at school which of course she enjoyed.  Tuesday is a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch - I may just surprise her by going along.

Yesterday we did a bunch of errands & got our fall decorations out.  Gotta love hay & pumpkins & scare crows. 

We also went to see Disney on Ice.  Eri took her BFF Matt with her - he is NOT her boyfriend right now (I'm not sure why).  As you can see they had a good ole time at the show.  They also make me laugh.

This morning Emilia & I went to watch her old gymnastics team compete at Opryland & then we went afterwards to Opry Mills.  I've gotten lots of exercise this weekend - walked 1.25 miles yesterday & another probably 1.5 today. 

Kendall ran a half marathon this morning - came in 3rd in his age group & got a very nifty plaque.  I don't know how he stays so fast, it makes me envious.  He's running another Saturday in Murfreesboro.

Very exciting news - my eyebrows are almost visible!  Hooray.  And  I can see my eyelashes coming in but right now they are very short & light colored.  Pretty darn exciting.  Hair is slower but I know its just a matter of time.  I will be psyched to wear mascara!  Fat foot & leg is still swelling a LOT.  Doesn't seem to be getting any better, in fact it gets worse with exercise.

This is a quiet week - no traveling for Kendall or I.  I'm trying really hard to crack down on my eating this week & get the scale on the downward path!  Wish me luck.


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