Friday, August 31, 2012

It seems real!

That this is actually going to come to an end soon!

I saw Dr Keedy & she checked my labs today. My bloodwork was excellent. Still a little anemic but plenty good enough for treatment next week. My white count came back up to normal, my platelets are back in the normal range & all the other functions were great!

So chemo is on for the last time next week. Woohoo. And i talked her into letting me take the second and third doses of Mesna by pill next week which cuts about 2 hours off each days chemo time!!! Woohoo again.

She also said we could go ahead & get the first set of post cancer scans scheduled. Did you read that? Post cancer!

At the end of each visit the doctor fills out a form that tells the schedulers what to book for you coming up. For seven long months each time this has been more chemo, more labs, more yuck. But this time my form didn't have any more drugs or chemo on it. I have to say taking that form to Debbie, My favorite scheduler & a cancer survivor herself, was one of the best feelings I have had in a Long long time. The staff at Vanderbilt has truly become a support network for me. They celebrate the good and the bad right along with me. I know them all by name, I know about their boyfriends, their kids & their pets, many of them I know their hopes, dreams & fears -- and they know mine. Every time I drive on the campus I just feel so incredibly fortunate to have this place of healing & hope in my backyard.

So while we need to see the scans to be sure there is no nasty cancer poking it's head around anywhere inside me, it feels like I am going to survive this journey and that a return to my normal self and my normal life is imminent. And that is the reason I have been fighting this battle!!!

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