Tuesday, August 21, 2012

They didn't have to do this!

I wanted to share this communication from Southwest Airlines.  I traveled a ton last year & finally right at the end of the year made their A-List status - I was pretty excited.  A couple weeks later this whole cancer thing started & so I haven't been able to travel this year as you know & also haven't been able to take advantage of the A-List "perks".  So Amber suggested I ask them to extend it for a year.  I figured what the hell - they will probably say no way but I will ask.  Here is the letter I got back from them.

As you can see, not only did they extend my A-List for the whole of 2013 but they wrote such a nice, kind note to go with it.  Customer service is so important - something I have come to appreciate professionally in the last few years but its nice to experience it personally as well.

I feel a little bit better each day - still fighting the remnants from that damn virus - I just can't seem to kick it & by the end of each day I'm wiped out.  But at least I can get up & go about my day & go to work, thats an improvement from this weekend!

Next week I will get labs checked on Tuesday & probably have to have a transfusion.  Then Friday I will see Dr Keedy to get the blessing for my treatment to start on the 3rd.  I have a bunch of folks lined up to go with me that week but if you still want to experience chemo (& you know this is your last chance!!), let me know - I'm sure some folks would love to not be there all day or we can always have more than one person. 

Amber has kindly volunteered to chair the Nurses Celebration Party on the 7th - so if you want to help out with that just let me or her know. 

Hope to have a day for you soon for the NO MO CHEMO party at our house.  There is so much to celebrate - mostly our wonderful friends & family & support that we have received.

Have a great day!!!

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