Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

And a bunch of new blood! I feel like Judy again. Well more like Judy. Looking forward to a fun 5 days before I start the FINAL round.

If you're coming next week, the location is the 2nd floor of The Vanderbilt Clinic in the Cancer Infusion Center. Tuesday thru Friday I will start around 8.30. Not sure yet what time I will be done ech day, depends on some things I have to check with Dr Keedy about Friday. Please don't feel obligated to spend the whole time with me. It's VERY boring & I'm quite happy with whatever time you can spare!  Here is who I think is coming each day...

Monday - Christine (CB, it's a slightly different location Monday)
Tuesday - Angie J & Bob
Wednesday - LML & Angie V
Thursday- Lisa A
Friday - Jenn T

I'm at the point where there's no way I'm not finishing this so if your plans change & you can't make it, don't feel bad!  I will keep the faith, carry on & cross the finish line!

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