Friday, August 3, 2012

Therapy Dogs

Lisa took this picture this week of me with Max, one of the therapy dogs that visits the chemo center sometimes.  I love Max because he is a Weimeraner like Jessie, our dog.  He likes to give big wet kisses. 

Its been about as good of a week as possible this week.  We have laughed a lot and told a lot of good stories.  Lisa & I were saying yesterday how we don't ever get this much friend-time so it has been great - as long as we can forget the reason we are getting that time! 

Luckily the treatments haven't made me feel sick this week - just very tired but with no kids here I have been able to go to bed early & sleep late - doesn't do much for my Olympic watching but something's gotta give right!  So I've been able to eat a couple good meals each day & that has also helped me feel stronger & more able to take the treatments.

We are rolling along with the last one of this cycle now.  Its not quite real in my mind yet that I may have only 7 left.  Sometimes that 7 feels like I will never be able to do them all & then most of the time that 7 feels like a walk in the park compared to where I have been.  Right now, assuming we don't do the final 7th round, I'm thinking I will finish probably Labor Day week.  That means I'm starting to plan travel for the fall & winter which makes me feel like my life will be back to normal -- and that is a great feeling.

I am sure it will take several months after chemo to feel normal again & have hair & get all my energy back, but the path to that is within reach!  Finally.

After today, I will have had 35 treatments of chemo, 4 blood transfusions, 1 platelet transfusion, 2 surgeries, countless injections & who only knows what else.  Its a lot to go thru no doubt but I have every confidence with every fiber of my being that after the final 7 treatments this cancer is gone from me entirely.  I am certainly not in fear of it returning - instead I am looking forward to fully living the life I love!!  Its a good spot to be in!

Thanks everyone for the notes and visits and cards this week - I keep saying this but it helps tremendously.  it really does!  If anybody wants to come with me on the 16th of August, I am looking for a volunteer. 

We are just hanging out this weekend, going to enjoy each other's company, cook some good food & relax!!

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