Monday, January 23, 2012


Spoke to the best nurse practioner ever who apologized and totally "got it" with how I was feeling.  My faith in medical humanity is hereby restored.

And more good news, surgery will be Friday!  Yes, this Friday.  I'm excited to get this moving.  I'll be home for a couple weeks after that then we will figure out what next in terms of chemo & radiation.

And guess what, it gets better - we had already planned for the girls' favorite person of all time to spend the night Friday, so she will be there to keep them distracted and help Kendall.  God was planning that one, I'm pretty sure.

So, now I'm feeling the image (I'm a bit slow these days).  This is a picture of my "new" Mom's Mom - "Nana" who passed away a couple of years ago.  This morning, Maryann sent me a story about how determined Nana was, how she faced tough situations with not only grit and raw determination but with grace and elegance.  The story made me appreciate how difficult situations come along to challenge us, to change us, and to make us better people.  I can only hope to be as determined but graceful and elegant through this challenge as Nana was through some of hers.  Nana, Maryann, and her family have been a wonderful blessing to us and our family.  I love all of them!

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