Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stories, Stories, Stories

Several people have asked specifically what type of cancer I have.  What I have been diagnosed with is called a "synovial sarcoma".  Sarcomas are very rare - there are 20-30 different kinds so each kind occurs pretty infrequently.  This type of sarcoma generally involves a tumor near a joint.  So mine is somewhat unusual.  This type also typically occurs in males and more often in teenagers.  Again, I'm unusual.  No surprise there.  There are only a handful of centers in the country with specialists in sarcoma.  I'm lucky that Vanderbilt has both medical and radiation oncologists who specialize in sarcoma.  The size of my tumor is pretty small - about 2.5cm x 1.7cm.  We will know much more about the pathology of my tumor after surgery, when they have had time to thoroughly study it in a lab.  That is the information they will use to determine what treatment comes next.

Me with Julianna & Caraline a couple years ago.
 Today I'm thinking about funny stories about my brother for some reason.  Goodness knows there are plenty of them.  Mike is 3 years younger than me.  And in many ways we are as different and night and day.  He is extroverted, social, loves to be the life of the party.  Me, not so much...  I'm really really smart.  Him, not so much.  Just kidding about that one.  In high school Mike used to change clothes a half dozen times each morning and spend an hour doing his hair.  Me, not so much.  I've always loved animals of almost all types & vice versa.  Mike has never met an animal that likes him.  I wonder why - he pulls out cat whiskers and tortures dogs.

Cara & Mike with Kendall & I.

Once when we were kids we were walking thru a sports store.  Mike was probably 5.  He picked up & put on this massive boxing glove, turned around & punched me in the stomach.  Nice.  Still hurts 30+ years later.

Anyway, I thought I would include a picture of Mike & his family.  His wife, Cara, is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I treasure her words of encouragement in all things I do. 

Julianna, Mike, Caraline & Cara in Spain
  They have two daughters who are right in between Emilia & Eriana's ages.  I love those 2 as much as my own kids.  I am so proud of the fact that our families have grown to be very close even though we don't live near each other.  The four girls are hilarious when they are all together.  Its really hard to pick just a couple of pics that symbolize the times we've spent together.
A couple years ago in Cape San Blas
Emilia & Julianna.

Same year - Eriana & Caraline.

Mike and I have always been there for each other through all the trials and tribulations of our lives.  So, when I got my cancer diagnosis, my second call (after Kendall) was to Mike.  Now, Mike is pretty high strung - again we are as different as night and day in that way - so it was a bit of a risk telling him.  But I knew he would be right there with me through the whole thing. 

Beautiful Julianna & Emilia.

Mike's coming up next Saturday for a week to spend with us.  I'm looking forward to having him around - I know the girls are too.  They adore Uncle Mikey.  Wish the rest of his family were coming too but I know they have school and lives to live.

Again in Spain, sharing (a rare site!).

Playing in the creek.

So, anyway, I will keep it short today - every one of these pics makes me smile.  Here's hoping that our kids' sibling relationship is as strong thoughout their lives as mine & Mike's.  Love you, Shitty.

Caraline, Eriana, Julianna & Emilia at the Carousel in Madrid this summer.  I LOVE THESE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!

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