Wednesday, January 11, 2012

everything happens for a reason...

What the hell?  Really.  Could someone please tell me what the reason is for this current challenge?

Today's another day (duh).  This morning I let my parents know.  Kendall said to me this morning - you need to tell them.  He was right!  Dad was a real trooper, very realistic about just go get this thing and beat it.  I needed that encouragement and I feel good that I have that off my chest. 

One thing I have already learned is that I have to listen to people.  Not that I necessarily have to do what each person advises, but in this short time, I have discovered that most people have the need to give their perspective, advice, or experience as much a coping mechanism as anything else.  And I have already started treasuring those conversations.

Wow, I never knew that people actually read the stuff you write and put on the internet.  Its not really my style to share my deepest personal thoughts with people, but my dear friend encouraged me to do this.  And I'm so thankful she did.  I didn't really think anybody would read what I wrote, so when I put the link to this blog on my Facebook wall yesterday, I didn't consciously think about telling everybody I know that I have cancer.  So I was somewhat astonished to get so many comments and words of encouragement last night.  But as I reflect on that, who am I kidding?  Of course I knew it was putting it out there for the world to know.  I am going to continue reading every single comment and listening to every single piece of advice or input.  It will take a team to fight this thing.  I need everyone I can get on my side, rowing in the same direction, pulling for me. Pick your cliche, doesn't matter, I need and want it.

We didn't get to the chocolate peanut butter muffins last night.  But I did see 3 pairs of eyes light up about making the beignets this weekend!  I enjoyed relaxing last night with the family.  Eriana and I took a bubble bath with her 2 geckos, purple alligator & mermaid.  She laughs like crazy when you count down from 10 to 0 and one of them blasts out of the bubbles.  Thats the best sound ever!  Emilia is a little emotional right now.  Tried to get her to disclose to me what was going on, but she's just not ready to open up yet.  She will in time.

I'm going to try & post one of my favorite pictures every day.  Here is today's.  I just love this picture of the giraffe - I was standing near him while someone fed him lettuce - his beautiful face against the perfect blue sky is inspiring to me.  And his little grin cracks me up.

So I am going to take his crooked grin and happy face and enjoy the rest of this day.  Please continue to send me your words of encouragement, your tidbits of advice, your perspective, your stories.  They are genuinely uplifting to me.  They help me hold my head as high as this giant giraffe!!

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  1. "Josephine" said "Tell Miss Judy the me and Bailey are praying really hard for her"!

    Hold that head up girlfriend!

    Thought for the Day………When we face situations that are beyond our control, it's an opportunity to build on our faith, inner strength, and courage. Certain situations can make life seem difficult. Overcoming them can make life more meaningful. It is all in the attitude!!!!! :)


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