Sunday, January 29, 2012

Doing fine!

If you don't count the emotional basket case courtesy of the pain meds, I'm doing just fine.  Eriana helped me take a shower this morning - I think they must've used an entire case of betadine on my left leg.  The wound looks okay, some swelling we will keep an eye on.  And then there's the pain.  I'm not going to say much about that.  Anybody who's had major surgery knows that feeling.

My sweethearts.
Eriana is cracking me up - she is taking FULL advantage of Mommy being out of commission - sees it as a reason to get extra snuggles and watch a lot of movies.  Emilia is the sweetest of the sweet, helping so much.  And Kendall is truly the best husband anybody could dream of having.  He really doesn't want me to lift a finger which is nearly impossible for me.  So he's finding things I can do without too much difficulty.

The girls are fighting a lot.  I can't attibute that to anything except stress.  My temper is shorter than normal (I know, thats scary) and they are at each others' throats.  Today I had to send them both to their rooms to watch TV. 

Its a beautiful, sunny day here today.  I am considering taking a short walk aorund the block in a little while.  I wanted to say here how much I appreciate the phone calls and emails and text messages.  I'm not feeling like talking on the phone so I apologize for not answering very often.  I'll get there, just need a few days.

Not looking my best!
 Emilia took this pic of me yesterday with my blankie that my dear friend, Stephanie, gave me.  So, you can see I'm alive, I'm sitting up and I'm even smiling a bit. Eriana asked me this morning if I was going to the Y.  Of course I wasn't but I'm kind of wondering how soon I can get back to some form of exercise.  Hopefully in a few days I can go & at least stroll on the treadmill or do something.

My little brother, Mike, is coming on Saturday.  We are all looking forward to that.  My Dad is coming next Wednesday.  Its been a long time since we have had all the DeBocks in the same place - what a treat.

Makes me think of this picture of zebras I took last winter at the Nashville Zoo.  I like to think of these four zebras as the 4 DeBocks - me, Mike, my Dad & my Mom.  We're missing one now, obviously, but for the majority of my life, this was us - sure we weren't technically always looking the same way or focused on the same thing but in the broader sense we always were.  I am so lucky to have grown up in such a wonderful, loving family where we all cared about each other and about our family.  I think that this model has transcended itself from the DeBock family of my youth to the Musgrove family of today and, for that matter, to the DeBock family (my brother's family) of today.  There are so many fascinating parellels between the family in which I grew up, my family now, and my brother's family.  But the most important and powerful is that all 3 of our families function like this zebra family - side by side, focused on the big picture, and there for each other.  Its interesting to me that the instincts which cause this zebra family to line up like this are the same instincts that cause our human families to line up side by side and look out for each other.

Off to try to stroll around the block!

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  1. Hi Judy,

    Thanks for updating your blog! I am so glad everything sounds like it's going well. You've been on my mind and I will think of you at Temple :0)


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