Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today was official Visitor Day! I picked up Mike, my little brother, from the airport early this afternoon. It is great to see him & wonderful to have another drivers license in the house! The girls are delighted he is here. They built a fort in the guest room & are having a "sleepover" tonight. Its been a very normal, busy Saturday. That feels good even though my entire left thigh & hip are agony. We made pancakes for breakfast, Eri had swim lessons & a birthday party. EB & I did a few errands & went to the airport. My buddies & customers are en route to the SuperBowl so I had some fun email exchanges with them today. They were pouring bourbon, I was taking Percocet. This evening my boss, Jeff, & his wife, Luanne stopped to say hi along with my good friend, Jamey and his wife, Karen. I think Jeff needed to see for himself that I'm going to be ok. It was a huge treat to see all of them & they brought some delicious food. Luanne is an awesome fudge maker & Karen made the best salsa I've ever had. So, as I try to fall asleep tonight, once again I find myself feeling so fortunate. Yes, the pain is bad (far worse & for a lot longer than I anticipated), yes I am scared about what comes next when I let myself think about it, yes I am tired of hurting & not being able to do what I want. But I have wonderful friends all over the world. The supportive and loving cards, letters, emails & messages keep me holding my head high. I have the very best family ever. My brother is taking a week away from his precious family to be with me, my daughters are so compassionate and loving (when they're not embroiled in world war 3 over a stick of gum or a cat toy), my dad is coming to visit me this week putting aside his own health concerns to spend 3 special days with me & Mike & my family, and of course, Kendall is not only the best Dad & husband ever but he is also my soulmate, confidante, & best friend. So, I'm excited about the next week. We will get a lot of stuff done (everybody knows how I love crossing things off my list!), spend a lot of quality time together & end it Sunday with Eriana's rescheduled 5th birthday party. When it's over it will be time to go see Dr Holt & figure out what to do next. And then I will get to go back to work! Hope you enjoy the SuperBowl & your team wins.

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  1. This post brought tears. You are amazing my friend. My prayers are with you, more than ever.


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