Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick update

Tired tonight so here's the recap on today's "biopsy". They tried for 45 minutes to find the masses using ultrasound. Several trips back & forth to ask the radiologist. Finally she (radiologist) came in & said she couldn't correlate 100% the ultrasound with the MRI so they were going to have to do an MRI guided biopsy. That couldn't happen today because the MRI operator had an "emergency". They said we will call you with an appointment when we find an opening. I had to put on my Ann DeBock (my mom was a feisty fighter!) attitude & insist that wasn't good enough. In this situation, the last thing you feel like doing is advocating for yourself - you just want someone to take over & take care of it all. Like your mom would do! FInally they called some patients, juggled some stuff & will do it at 12.15 Friday. They will rush the results but the earliest we will know anything is Tuesday. So Dr Keedy said we will push everything back one week. Frustrating. I left there around noon with a horrific headache - 4 hours & zero progress! That's the story. Going to chemo & then lunch with my friend Karla tomorrow then to the office. The good news is the week delay means I will have 4 days in the office next week, all being well! More tomorrow.

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  1. story of Ann just popped into my head after reading this. Remember her INSISTING that the left side on the highway was the "slow lane?" She was so mad at us when we kept laughing! geez, I'm lmao thinking of that car ride....


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