Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Bright Side

Today was a much better day, I'm happy to report.  Although its been raining on and off and right now we are having torrential downpours, I feel better!  I made it all day until about 4.30 with just tylenol and I wasn't suffering doing that. I did take it very easy today - took the girls to school, worked a while & picked them up.  Our neighbors brought us a delicious dinner from Zoe's.  That definitely helps, to take it easy.  Duh.

We figured out a new bandaging scheme thats much better than the patchwork gauze & tape.  My goal is to go to the gym on Friday; my plan is to walk very slowly on the treadmill and to do the hand bike.  I remember that well (not fondly but well!) from my knee reconstruction. 

Going to see my nutritionist tomorrow.  I'm terrified that this period of inactivity and the medicines are causing me to regain some of the weight I've struggled and worked so hard to lose.  That was not an effect I counted on from this ordeal - it never entered my mind.  So I'm trying hard not to beat myself up and set my expectations too high; as my good friend pointed out, now is a time to take it easy, eat stuff I don't normally eat & watch "bad TV".  Wearing workout pants all the time so as not to cause friction on the wound doesn't help one feel very "thin" either.  Anyway, I know they will be realistic and encouraging - which is just what I need!

Everything else is good.  The girls are good - seem to be adapting pretty well to the entire situation.  Emilia is more loving than normal.  Eriana is just Eriana.  She says a few times a day she's sorry I have a boo boo on my leg.  The cats like having me home - I am constantly getting snuggled by one of them.

Emilia at FlipFest Gymnastics Camp this summer.

Today's pictures are of Emilia. She is so inspiring to me.  The first is her at Gymnastics camp this summer.  We dropped her off to her first ever sleepover camp; she waved us goodbye & didn't call for the whole week.  Reminds me of myself at that age.  I loved watching her do gymnastics and the one thing I miss about Hendersonville is that she isn't able to go the gym we adored anymore.  The second is her at her first swim meet this fall.  Turns out she is pretty good at back stroke.  I love this picture because of the water splashing all around & her arm in motion.  Emilia inspires me because she isn't afraid to jump in and try a new sport.  It doesn't bother her if she isn't the fastest or most agile in the group.  She works out harder and tries harder than just about anybody I know.  And she doesn't quit when it gets difficult.  I'd like for everybody in the world to have her work ethic.  Hell, most days I wish I had her work ethic.  She not only inspires me but she makes me pretty damn proud too.  I'm one lucky momma to have a daughter as special as Emilia.  LOVE YOU EB!

Emilia swimming backstroke at her first swim meet this fall.

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