Thursday, February 9, 2012

An uneventful day

For which I'm very grateful.  I talked to the genetic specialist at Vanderbilt today & we are now suspicious of a mutation in the P53 gene.  Evidently families with this genetic mutation are predisposed to all sorts of cancers, in particular sarcoma & breast cancer...  Anyway we are going to meet her next week & get the P53 test done.  I already know I'm BRCA1 and BRCA2 negative.  The outcome of the gene testing, together with the results from the ultrasound & biopsy ought to converge sometime around mid-March with a treatment plan for moving forward.  So, I'm looking at it as a month to get myself back in shape before I potentially have more to deal with.

The incision is healing.  But at night my quads, hips, and incision hurt like crazy.  Feels good most of the day until around 4 or 5 pm.  One more day of R&R, I'm going back to work Monday afternoon after we meet with Dr Holt.  Looking forward to that.  I'm not sure I can make full 9-10 hour days straight away but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Had a nice day today with my Dad & Mike.  Then we went to lunch with Kendall before picking up the kids.  Relaxing and enjoyable.  A friend of Kendall's from Asurion stopped by this evening & it was fun to chat with her.  I can't help thinking constantly about missing the International Builders' Show down in Orlando.  Sounds like its a great show for LP this year & they are doing just fine without me.  Still, I feel like I should be there & I wish I was!

Today's picture if of a white tiger that I took last summer at the Nashville Zoo.  The reason I really like this picture is that 2 of his feet are in motion and I really love the way the sunlight is filtered through the trees creating the dappled light effect.  He is a beautiful animal, so graceful and regal.  So powerful and impressive.  Once when we were at the Nashville Zoo we got to see them feed the tigers.  That was pretty exciting.

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