Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short & sweet

A day with no doctor's appointments. I didn't even talk to a doctor today although Dr Holts nurse practitioner left me a message to see how the drain is. I appreciated that - proactive healthcare. Nice. I walked about 30 minutes today & although it made me tired, it didn't make me nearly as sore as the other day. I made crockpot lasagna for dinner. Super easy & yummy. I discovered these plastic crockpot liners - this it out when you're done & no washing! LOVE! Joe & his wife Jamie came over tonight with some gorgeous cupcakes & a delicious peanut butter pie! Awesome treats & it was so good to see them both. I love having visitors! Kendall brought home some wonderful chicken salad & Chicken soup from Puffy Muffin that a friend brought for us. Plus salad, rolls & cookies. So we are all set for dinner tomorrow. And can I just say I'm excited for Monday when Rachel is bringing chicken enchiladas. Mmmmmmmm..... so tomorrow I get to see my friends Amber & Julie for coffee then we meet Dr Keedy; she is the medical oncologist who specializes in sarcoma. I'm sure it will be terrifying to learn about the chemo but I'm ready to tackle it. Our appointment is at the main Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center, the belly of the beast as I call it. I've been there once before for high risk screening. You leave thankful to be alive. Last time I left thankful I wasn't a cancer patient. We will see how I leave tomorrow... But the rest of the dy will be un. I'm finally having lunch with Lorraine & giving her her month old birthday present. Then it's just me & Eri for the afternoon because EB is going to a sleepover. So I've been bribing Eri with a trip to BuildaBear. I should be pretty well wiped out by tomorrow night. Thanks for the support, emails, visits, dinners, & cards. Don't stop - I gather strength from every single one!

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