Monday, February 6, 2012


Yep, in the latest news, my incision is infected. Kendall said it looks like I'm half pregnant - my left side is pretty swollen. Saw the NP today & she put me on an antibiotic so I'm sure it will all be ok in a couple days. Pain is getting better & I'm just taking pain stuff in the afternoons now. A lot of people have asked what the next steps are. We see the surgeon on Monday. She will of course check out the incision site but she will also have the pathology reports from the resected (fancy medical word I learned that means removed) tumor. That information with tell us the grade & I think stage of the tumor which will help decide what we do next. At surgery Dr Holt seemed to thnk that radiation was "probable" and chemo a toss up. On Monday I'm expecting her to refer us to a radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist. Not much has happened as I've expected in ths journey to date though! We will also be going back to meet with the Family Cancer Risk experts. These are the nurses who specialize in understanding the genetic aspects of cancers. They calculated originally a 29% lifetime risk for me of breast cancer based on genetics. As I understand it they will re-assess that & we will re-visit any potential other testing or preventive possibilities based on my sarcoma. So that's that. Can I just say my brother rocks! He has helped me so much already. Even having someone to drive helps immensely because it hurts to get in & out of the car on the drivers side. Plus we have had a lt of laughs. Hurts to laugh but so worth it! Erianas birthday party is this weekend. We had to reschedule it in December when Kendall's grandma died. She is so excited. I'm looking forward to using my camera! And thats about all the news that's fit to print tonight. Getting my hair cut tomorrow!

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