Saturday, June 2, 2012

Nearly Normal Again

After a couple very sleepy & crappy days, I'm nearly back to normal.  Hooray!  This morning I was even motivated enough to put the Keys pitures up on Facebook.  You should be able to look at them by clicking this link:
Facebook Florida Keys Album
If it doesn't work let me know & I will send you it separately.  There are some really fun pics.  I'll have to figure out which ones will get to be printed & displayed on my famous photo wall in my office.

I can't really remember how much I have shared of this week.  It was a tough one.  I had the three-drug cocktail on Wednesday (I feel nauseous just writing about it) & again on Tuesday.  Those drugs are just vicious. No two ways about it.  I felt pretty much like crap all day Wednesday & Thursday & only marginally less crappy yesterday.  I hate that feeling of being out of it - not being mentally clear.  Its the worst.  Got a lot of nausea meds that didn't help much.  Finally Dr Keedy called in Ativan for me so I took that Thursday night & last night & it seems to have solved the problem.  I also got a couple more units of blood on Thursday to kind of top off the tank.  Followed by the Neulasta shot yesterday.  So I'm good to go until Monday, June 11th.  Woohoo.

Dr Keedy isn't positive we will be able to do the next round on the 11th because I started this past round a day late due to vacation.  She's willing to have me come in & do labs & give it a shot though which I take as a good sign.  So get your positive vibes working on that for me please!

The girls went to Camp Idyllwild this week & absolutely loved it.  They played in the creek, ziplined, climbed rock walls, jumped on trampolines, hiked, made candles & soap, tie-dyed shirts, just generally had a blast in nature.  Eri wanted EB to hold her hand getting on the bus the first morning but after that there was no hesitation whatsoever.

This coming week they will be back with Payton, which I know they're excited about.  They'll start summer swim practice in the mornings.  In the afternoons they will be at different camps - EB will be doing a cool thing at University School of Nashville called Pantry on your Palette that combines art & cooking. Eri will be at FRA doing an All Sports Camp with Coach O.  Wednesday Payton is walking the Red Carpet so we are really lucky that Jeannette will be able to pick them up.  Lucky kids!

As for me, I am going on my first work trip since cancer came into my life on Monday.  I'm excited, a little anxious too.  I'll have my best colleagues there to make sure I'm A-okay though.  We are going to Savage River, MD to take some customers fly fishing.   I am quite sure it will be very tiring for me since its the first trip but I have some confidence built up from the Keys trip that I handled so well.  In fact I got a huge compliment from Cara, my sister in law, when she said if it wasn't for my hair, she wouldn't think anything was different about me.  I was very pleased and proud to be able to do everything on vacation that I've always done and didn't hold the family back from anything.  We rode waverunners (and yes, I flipped EB & myself off!), snorkeled in the Ocean at Coffin's Patch, went to Key West, went wreck fishing, made lots of trips to the beach and pool, ate many delicious meals, etc.  It was just like a normal family on vacation except I look a bit like a bloated tick & have no hair!  Aside from that, life is good!!!

Love you all, talk to you soon!!!.

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