Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're back!

sorry its been such a long time between posts.  We tried hard to leave the electronics alone while we were in the Keys.  It was an amazing & wonderful trip - more about it soon.

I am about done with the 2nd day of this cycle of chemo.  Dr Keedy added back in the adriamycin (the Red Devil) drug this time and it has kicked my ass like it did the first cycle.  I've gotten a ton of phenergan so far which is helping keep the vomiting at bay most of the time but I still feel nauseous & like I was hit with a train.  Had to also get 2 more units of blood because my red counts were a bit low.  They were really at the threshold between needing blood & not so we decided better to be safe.  So i haven't done much of anything the last 2 days except sit here in the chemo suite.  But after today we are halfway thru - there is a light out there at the end of this tunnel.

Sadly, one of our kitties - Gus - has disappeared.  We last saw him the day I got out of the hospital.  Despite signs in the neighborhood & a plea to help locate him emailed to our neighborhood there has been no sign of him.  Emilia in particular is pretty torn up about this as she had really bonded with him.  I'm suspicious that he was taken by someone as there has been no report of his body being found either.  He had a collar & has a microchip but that wouldn't deter an ill-intentioned person.

Nice grouper Kendall caught!

Well, I'm going to keep this short as my energy level is exceptionally low today.  One picture to tease you into wanting to see more of our vacation shots when I get them organized & posted...

Sending hugs & kisses!

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