Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting

So this is the first downside of inpatient chemo. Paperwork, bureaucracy & time to get admitted. Right now I'm sitting in the hospital admitting office waiting for a bed. Been here at the hospital since 8 this morning. Gosh, what was this like before wireless, laptops, iPads & droids? I guess everyone read books. I would've lost my mind!

Great news from my labs today. White & red blood cell counts are "great". Dr Keedy said she chose that word intentionally & was pleased with everything. The dosage of Ifosfamide & Etopocide this week will be the same as the last 2. And I will get labs drawn Monday afternoon so we Know where I stand before leaving for the beach. Did I mention we are going to the beach? My favorite place on earth is on a beach. When its together with Kendall & my baby girls it's even better!

Dr Keedy said she was a bit surprised how my blood work rebounded after the transfusion & how good my counts are. I reminded her we will not be adding any weeKs to this treatment & she seemed more optimistic about that possibility than last time. So whatever you all did to send positive blood count vibes, need you to remember that & I will call upon you to do that again on May 30 th so Round 4 can begin as planned. Yep after this week it's on to Round 4. And you know what Round 4 is? More than half way baby!

Last night I had the privilege of watching my oldest daughter perform a clarinet solo, her first ever. I was so proud sitting there watching her! So was Eriana. The video is on Facebook. She also ran a mile in 8 minutes & did 35 sit ups in a minute during fitness testing at school yesterday! She was the first girl to finish & she said she was the only girl who didn't walk. Clearly has her daddy's genes there!

It's hard to believe that they are finished with school next Wednesday. They both have exciting summers planned with camps, trips & swim team. I'm a little envious!

Well, still waiting. But not complaining I'm thrilled to still be on track to finish Round 3 this week!

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