Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here we go again

Happy mother's day to all my mom friends.  Hope you have enjoyed a peaceful, fun day with your families.  Ours has been very nice - got to open my gifts in bed this morning & then Kendall made us all a delicious breakfast.  EB & I went to run some errands while Kendall & Eri picked up his mom from the airport.  Had a great lunch at Past Perfect downtown, now chilling out while I make a ribeye roast, roast potatoes, green beans, gravy & yorkshire pudding for dinner.  And homemade carrot cake for dessert.  yum.

Almost time for another 5 day round of chemo.  We're starting Tuesday this week so I don't miss EB's band concert tomorrow night.  And I'm getting admitted to the hospital for this round.  Kendall's mom will be here to take care of meals and stuff, so I am going to chill out in the hospital for a week with my laptop, my ipad, and a couple of books.  I don't know if it will be easier on my mentally than going in every single day but we've decided its worth a shot.  Oh, I'll be doing some knitting too if I can trap Angie into giving me a little help this week!  I really enjoy knitting, just not very good at it!

So, I will see Dr Keedy & have my labs done on Tuesday morning followed by admission & round 1 of the Ifosfamide-Etopocide.  I'll get it every day this week including Saturday then get out of the hospital on Saturday.  If you're bored & want to visit, come on by - email me first so I can tell you what room I'm in.

I read an article in the paper today about a lady my age who had a baby & at the same time discovered she had uterine, ovarian & who knows what other kinds of cancer.  She's in the midst of the chemo & has also created a blog.  Reading the excerpts from her blog in the paper (she is much more poetic & elegant than I am in terms of writing), I was struck by the similarities in not only our situations, but our approaches to dealing with it.  She's attacking it head on much like we are.  Although I will likely never meet her, I can't help but feel a deep connection to her & her family.  And I hope her outcome is wonderful!

Our garden isn't doing so well & we don't know why.  It has plenty of water and plenty of sunshine so we are suspicious of a lack of nutrition in our soil.  Our sweet neighbors took a sample to the extension office for us so we should know something this week.  It did rain quite a bit this weekend which seems to have helped out some.  Remember what Emilia said about cancer being my rain?  I was struck by that comment again when she & I were out in the garden today.  Why does the rain do the plants so much more good than our expensive & consistent drip irrigation?  Same reason why cancer has done our family so much more good than our carefully planned & executed daily lives I suppose.  Anyway here are some shots from the garden for your therapy this weekend!
Love this picture of the pansies with raindrops on them.

Emilia in the garden (no its not cold enough for that hat!)

Our sweet corn is coming up!

A beautiful orange lady bug & a lot of water droplets on our pea vines

What is that we see?  YES it is a pea pod.  I know its nuts to be so
excited about some dumb pea pods but we really are.

These are our potatoes.

And Eri planted her own row of sunflowers a couple weeks ago.
She loves to watch them grow!

We have watermelons & cantaloupes that are
looking good.  Honeydews in the same area are all
but dead.  Go figure.

Our second bluebird family this year!  This time there are 5 eggs.

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