Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Counts!

Yep, white blood cells are back in the "normal" range for a healthy person (which is higher than the "normal" range for a cancer patient) and the neulasta hasn't really kicked in yet so they are expected to climb some more.  It was 3.4 last week (threshold for "normal" is 3.9) & it was 4.2 today!  Yes!

Red counts (they still confuse me, I've got to get some more education on the different numbers) are much better than last week too.  So no transfusion this time, but clearly the last one did a lot of good!  My platelet count, which must be above 75 to get treatment, was 86 last week.  Today it was 302, so back close to what it has historically been.  The other number they seem to be monitoring is hematocrit.  Mine last week before getting the 2 units of blood was down to 24.  This week its back up to 30, which is still a bit below the normal limit of 36ish, but much improved.  Since surgery mine has hovered around 28-34 so I'm right back in that range.

I haven't spoke with Dr Keedy, only with her nurse, but unless something changes dramatically in the next week it appears things will be good for my treatment to start Tuesday and therefore for our vacation to happen starting on the 23rd.

And the power of mind over matter combined with the miracles of modern medicine continue to work!!!!!  Here's a funny irony though - they evidently really don't have good modern medicine for this damn swelling.  Look at how they wrapped up my leg last week at physical therapy.  Seriously?  How is one supposed to carry on a normal existence like this?   I kept it that way for a few hours then had to unwrap it.  It did help the swelling but that is probably more because I couldn't hardly move than because of the wrap I'm thinking.  I go back to PT on Friday - my hope is to get them to approve the nighttime wrap that slips on & off & then move on.  I'm just going to have to live with lymphedema.


  1. Life IS good. watch out Keys, here come the Musgroves! :)

  2. Judy, you've been through a lot but I am so so happy for your fighter spirit...I am proud that you are going to win this battle big time and be a source of inspiration for people in similar circumstances.
    And I never realized you were such a fantastic writer...at least not at Corning :)
    God Bless


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