Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tough Sledding This Week

I won't lie - this week has been no fun.  Things move slow in a hospital & the chemo has been making me very sick this time, which is new for this routine.  Hasn't really made me sick before.  And along with the nausea comes a lot of anti-emitics that make me sleep.  So I should be well rested by the time  I get done on Saturday.  Been watching my blood counts take a little drop each day as a result of more chemicals being pumped in.

They do unhook me from the IV every morning so I can take a shower - thats nice.  I've learned the smell of chemo is disgusting.  It comes out thru your pores and its just not a good smell.  Showers help that a ton.

Its the highlight of my day when the girls & Kendall come visit each evening.  Last night EB brought me dinner that she had made - carribbean chicken.  Bless her heart there was no way I could eat.  I felt so bad about that.   Really haven't eaten anything since dinner on Monday.  I'm surprised they haven't lectured me about this but evidently they think I have enough "reserved" fat to make it thru.  No duh.

So please keep sending your encouragement, positive thoughts, and the like.  They are all appreciated!

Here's the photo therapy - Gus our cat torturing a chipmonk in our yard this weekend


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